Introducing Accessbox

Using the same password for multiple web sites creates a major security concern, but coming up with different and secure passwords every time is a daunting task, which usually leads to a painful process of password retrieval whenever you want to access your online services.
Randomly generated passwords are a secure method but they are hard to remember and type.
We are pleased to announce today the release of our third app, Accessbox. This productivity app been designed to help you create and store passwords, which are strongly encoded but are easier to remember thanks to its cypher substitution based on 1337 (also known as leet speak, an alphabet originated by gamers and computer hackers).
Inspired by old floppy disk boxes, the app beautifully stores passwords that can be protected with a passcode required to unlock the app. Inside, passwords are stored in access cards. When you select them, they display the login information along with a password and hint (the sentence used to generate the password).
Thanks to its iCloud integration, your passwords will be securely stored in your iCloud account, making them accessible from all the devices authorized under the same account.