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RememberTheOil Help

I can't see my data after upgrading to version 2.0
If you can't see your data after upgrading to version 2.0 (Released on Oct 23, 2013) try the following steps to fix the issue:

Reset Documents & Data

1) Tap your device Settings on the device with problems.
2) Tap on iCloud.
3) Tap on Documents & Data
4) Turn Documents & Data OFF. This will reset some files on your device.
5) Turn Documents & Data back ON.

Kill the app:

4) Double tap on the home button to reveal the running apps.  Search for RememberTheOil and swipe up.
5) Open the app again.

The app may take a few seconds to load your data. If the data doesn't comes back, try the following:

1) Turn Documents & Data OFF (following the steps above)
2) Remove the app
3) Restart your device.
4) Turn Documents & Data ON.
5) Download the app again from the App Store. You may get the previous version depending on when you did your latest device back up, so you may need to download the update again.

If you still have issues, please send us an email to