Dropbox Sync

Dropbox is free service that let you store and share documents in the Cloud.

Visit http://www.dropbox.com for more information

Automatic Back Up and Sync

RememberTheOil uses the latest Dropbox Sync API to back up, restore and sync multiple devices. It works similar to iCloud, you just need to connect RememberTheOil with your Dropbox account and we will take care of creating a backup file automatically .

How it works?

Every time you create or modify data (like adding a vehicle or recording a fill-up) the app automatically exports the data into a Dropbox folder.

Using Dropbox in your Mac or PC, you can manually back up the data.

Perfect for sharing your vehicle's data

Besides providing an automated way to back up your data, you can use Dropbox to sync multiple devices. Similar to how iCloud keeps multiple devices in sync, but with the advantage of sharing data with devices regardless of their iCloud account.

This can be also used as a way to consolidate a vehicle fleet, perfect for small businesses.